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“Finally. An 8-Week Mindfulness Method That Is Science-Based.
The Best Thing Is: It’s ‘Ready To Go’.”

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Mindfulness X is a complete, 8-session mindfulness training template for professionals. It includes everything you need to deliver a high quality mindfulness training that is science-based (claims are backed-up by research and references).

This training package is designed for people who are passionate about helping others improve their lives in meaningful ways.

With Mindfulness X, you’ll be able to teach mindfulness and inspire other people. Not only will you understand the 8 most important pillars of mindfulness, but you’ll also learn to explain and implement them.

The best thing is that all the work has been done for you, including the more monotonous work such as making the PowerPoint slides, designing the worksheets and listing all the scientific references for each session.

You can simply take this, go out and teach mindfulness in a 2018-proof way.

No longer will you have to go from A to B, from B to C, etc. Instead, you can go straight from A to Z. Mindfulness X is the ultimate shortcut.

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Psychologist, researcher and entrepreneur  – Dr. Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) has been exploring the practical and scientific side of mindfulness during the past 10 years, with 20+ academic publications on this topic. His aim is to give people the psychological perspective that has proven to increase mental well-being through the practice of mindfulness. In 2010, he developed the “Mindfulness X” training.

Because the success of Mindfulness X made him a sought-after mindfulness trainer, he decided to stop giving the trainings himself and offer this training to other mindfulness trainers, coaches and practitioners instead, in order to help more people with this  mindfulness program.



Mindfulness X is a complete mindfulness package for anyone who wants to deliver a high-quality mindfulness training, including, but not limited to:

Therapists | Coaches |  Mindfulness Trainers

Psychologists Healthcare professionals



Mindfulness X includes a course that teaches you what is needed to effectively deliver the training. Hugo Alberts shares his personal and professional experience in teaching mindfulness and addresses questions like:

  • How can I safely practice mindfulness?
  • How do I prepare for my mindfulness training?
  • How do I create an optimal learning environment for my clients?
  • What is the right attitude of the trainer?
  • How do I guide meditations?
  • How do I evaluate exercises?
  • How do effectively deliver a presentation?

These and more essential questions will be addressed in the course so that you can be sure to deliver Mindfulness X in the best way.



Attention & the Now

In this session, you will familiarise participants with the two most important building blocks of mindfulness: attention and the present moment.


In this session, participants will experience the automatic nature of their thoughts and how these thoughts in turn automatically cause emotions to emerge.


In this session, participants experience the judgmental nature of their mind, its problematic aspects and how to remove these obstacles to ‘open awareness’.


This session aims to clarify the essence of acceptance by learning to apply acceptance to difficult emotions and by explaining the goal of acceptance.


In this session, mindfulness is introduced as the key for finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future.


In this session, participants get to experience their inner critic and learn how to effectively cultivate a friendly and caring relationship with the self.

The Ego

In this session, several exercises allow participants to experience the difference between the self as a story and the self as an observer.


In this final session, participants will discover the connection between all covered mindfulness processes and focus on ways to continue integrating mindfulness in daily life.




The most life-changing part about this training is that I got my participants to recognise and change some of the life-long patterns that have been holding them back.

This training enabled them to look beyond their automatic judgment and behaviours.

For the first time, people got the feeling that a big chunk of their happiness is really in their own hands, or minds…

The theory is very clearly explained and easy to pass on to others. Even though I have studied psychology and mindfulness, getting this pre-made and proven training saved me oceans of time because I didn’t have to research and write everything myself.

I literally still get messages from former participants of this training telling me how grateful they are for what this training has done for them.

Barbara Kuiters | Psychologist

As of 2017, over 3.000 studies validate all the powerful aspects of mindfulness.


Mindfulness X includes:

  • An instruction manual for you as a practitioner (text, PDF)
  • A workbook to hand out to your participants (text, PDF)
  • Videos walking you through each session (8 videos, MP4)
  • Dedicated area for your participants with videos per topic
  • 8 PowerPoint presentations (slides, PPT)
  • Guided meditations (audio, MP3)
  • All White-label rights and right to use our copyright
  • A complete ‘Train the Trainer’ course (+ lesson summaries)


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I downloaded the Mindfulness X program and was quite impressed to see how comprehensive it is. As a trainer myself, I feel I have all the building blocks to run an engaging and interesting program, and the customisable content makes it easy to add my company logo to the material. I am very pleased with my purchase, and can’t wait to start marketing it.

Marion Valster | BSc Psych, MBA, Coach/Trainer

I am really impressed with the quality of Mindfulness X. The writing is clear and concise, the instruction manual breaks each session down, giving clear timings and instructions for you to lead your course. The student workbook is also clearly written but what I particularly like are the academic references giving the reader a sense of trust. Highly recommended, you could buy this product today and run the first course tomorrow.

Gary Bridgeman | Professional Development Coach


Don’t decide now… take all the time you need & try Mindfulness X for a full 30 days.
If you’re not 100% satisfied, you will get a full refund upon request.
You can trust us to do the job for you.


  • List of daily mindfulness quotes organised by weekly topic (text, Word). Send them to your participants as daily inspiration.
  • A certificate template that you can reward your participants with (Customisable Word-format)
  • A structured intake assessment form to effectively screen your participants before the start of the training

 This training far exceeded my expectations. All topics were covered in a way that was easy to digest and have been easy to recall to this day. The practical applications allowed me to learn by doing and the scientific approach gave me a sense of relief by backing up all claims and exercises with research findings. Would I recommend this training? DEFINITELY!

Gabriel Rangel | Psychologist, Coaching Connections



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On top of that, we guarantee your satisfaction by:

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Is this a digital product?
Yes. Upon purchasing Mindfulness X, you will be taken to a website where you can download the complete package. The video instructions can be accessed online with the password that you will find in the ‘Start Here’ file in the package, so you don’t have to download them.
Why do most mindfulness trainings fail to deliver?
The great majority of mindfulness trainings devote little attention to the scientific side behind mindfulness. They focus mainly on practice but often inform participants insufficiently about the effects and underlying (psychological) mechanisms of mindfulness. They fail to address questions like: “What happens when we meditate?” Why does mindfulness increase well-being? How is acceptance of emotions different from suppression and distraction? What are the effects of mindfulness?
What makes this Mindfulness X Package different?
  1. To the best of our knowledge, there are no similar packages out there.
  2. Yes, there are guided meditations online. Yes, you can take online mindfulness courses. Yes, you can purchase books on mindfulness on Amazon. Yes, there are treatment protocols available.
  3. However, to the best of our knowledge and research there is no complete all-encompassing customisable mindfulness package out there that enables professionals to instantly and successfully teach mindfulness by offering them a ready-to-use and fully structured science- and practice-based mindfulness program.
What currency is the price in?
The price is in US dollars $ (USD).
What rights do I have with these materials?

You can download, customise, and print these materials for personal or professional use, such as in a coaching- or classroom setting. You may insert your own logo, adjust, and brand all materials as you see fit.

Needless to say, you are not allowed to publish these tools publicly (online) or to resell the package as is.

Example: creating your own (online) course out of Mindfulness X and offering it under your own brand is allowed. Taking (a part of) the Mindfulness X package as it is and reselling it, is not allowed.

When in doubt, please contact Jessie at


Mindfulness X includes:

  • An instruction manual for you as a practitioner (text, PDF)
  • A workbook to hand out to your participants (text, PDF)
  • Videos walking you through each session (8 videos, MP4)
  • Dedicated area for your participants with videos per topic
  • 8 PowerPoint presentations (slides, PPT)
  • Guided meditations (audio, MP3)
  • All White-label rights and right to use our copyright
  • A complete ‘Train the Trainer’ course


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.


To promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use this training package within the boundaries of your professional expertise. For instance, if you are a certified clinician, you are advised to use the training within your field of expertise (clinical psychology). Likewise, a school teacher may use the tools in the classroom, but is not advised to use the tools for clinical populations. Mindfulness X is a mindfulness training template that provides you with the knowledge and tools you can use to give your own mindfulness training. It is not a substitute for a mindfulness trainer certification program, which we recommend you to take before you call yourself an official ‘mindfulness trainer’ and before you see any clients or patients. Even if you are not already a licensed practitioner, Mindfulness X will still provide you with all the tools you need to sharpen your mindfulness training skills and provides an invaluable starting point for designing your own training. Positive Psychology Program B.V. is not responsible for unauthorised usage of this training package.