“Help Clients Find Meaning and Discover Their Values With This Science-Based Coaching Method”

This Meaning & Valued Living Coaching Masterclass© is an online program for therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, and practitioners who want to help their clients find meaning and discover their values, connecting them to their ‘why’ so that they can bear any ‘how’.

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With increasing rates of depression, substance misuse, suicide, divorce rate, and burnout around the world, feelings of isolation and meaninglessness are more pervasive than ever. Most standard psychological treatments and modalities are leaving clients hopelessly misunderstood when it comes to their existential concerns. In order to better help clients, patients, students, and employees struggling with these issues, we need to understand what is causing this widespread ‘meaning crisis’ and what we can do about it before promoting the value of life.



The Meaning & Valued Living Coaching Masterclass© introduces a new, science-based method for understanding and applying positive psychology. Using this method, you will learn and practice the essential skills that practitioners need to effectively help people find more meaning, fulfilment, and purpose in daily life.

In comparing human functioning to a captain’s interaction with the different elements of a sailboat, this method:

offers a ready-to-go method for applying positive psychology
gives clients an intuitive way to share experiences
makes you well-equipped to increase meaning and valued living
creates a clear structure in the vast field of positive psychology
 provides hands-on tools to put this method into practice


Sometimes business people don’t relate to positive psychology. They’re suspicious of it. They wonder how it’s really going to help them in their work. After following this masterclass, I feel confident explaining to management how to create an atmosphere that promotes well-being and meaningful work and make a direct connection with the bottom line. This can be a magnet for attracting top talent.

Laura Sokol | Trainer, Entrepreneur

This has been a complete reboost in positive psychology for me. I now have so many ideas and practical tools to bring to my coaching and training business in Canada. I like that you have created a great environment to study positive psychology at an affordable price. The world is in great need 🙂 Thank you for what you do.

Josephine Tite | Positive Psychology Coach

At first, I wasn’t quite sure whether this masterclass was for me because I’m not a therapist and mostly work with business managers and employees. Soon I realized how much this knowledge will help to create an atmosphere at the workplace that will allow everyone to experience more meaning and feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.

Marc Castricum Ph.D. | Business Owner


This self-paced online masterclass provides you with all the materials you will need to apply and teach the content yourself, including PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, a scientific handbook, custom illustrations, exercises and more.

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You will get lifelong access and updates to the following digital materials:

 Live Recordings of Meaning & Valued Living Masterclass
 Science-based Handbook & Implementation Advice (173-page PDF)
 Printable Workbook with Practical Exercises
 230+ Professional PowerPoint Slides (easy to customise)
 65+ Custom Illustrations
 Recommended Books, Articles, Movies & Videos (+ Quotes)
 Ask Questions and Get Professional Advice
 How to Teach This Masterclass Yourself (Audio & Video)

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During the pre-sale period, you will receive access to a course on Second Wave Positive Psychology complimentary with your purchase of the Meaning and Valued Living Coaching Masterclass. This course presents the most recent developments in the field of positive psychology to provide you with the skills and knowledge that will render you confident in teaching and applying positive psychology in your practice.

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Second Wave Positive Psychology refers to the importance of an “open acknowledgment and appreciation of the negative side of human existence, a side that has heretofore been denied or dismissed by promoters of the movement’s dominant message” (Held, 2004, p.40). Recently, scholars within Positive Psychology have begun to adopt a more nuanced approach to the notions of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ and have worked on a new mature synthesis of positive and negative within the field.


As an added bonus to purchasing this package during the presale, you will receive the Extended Usage Rights allowing you to use all the client-oriented materials under your own brand, logo, and name. Normally, parties sell usage rights like this at premium prices. Only during this presale period will we extend these rights complimentary with the package.


This masterclass consists of 3 modules, each including ready-to-go, printable materials to get you started.

The Sailboat Metaphor

The first module introduces the Sailboat Metaphor; an intuitive coaching method giving you the essential skills to apply positive psychology.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • to work with the Sailboat Metaphor; a new positive psychology coaching method to address well-being. This metaphor compares human functioning to a sailboat and its journey and offers a multi-faceted, yet easy to understand perspective of the self
  • all the elements of the sailboat metaphor that represent key aspects of human functioning.
  • how you can use the metaphor to increase well-being in a simple and intuitive way
  • how to address and foster the meaningful and value-congruent life


The second module brings clarity to the complex topic of meaning and provides you with hands-on tools to assess and increase meaning in life.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • learn what ‘meaning’ is exactly
  • discover the different types of meaning
  • learn how to understand meaning as part of the sailboat metaphor
  • get familiar with the Trinity of Meaning model and how to apply it
  • understand how clients can design their lives in such a way that meaning naturally arises
  • understand how clients can find meaning after stressful life events

Valued Living

In the third and final module, values are addressed with a focus on helping clients discover what is important to them and how to live in line with that.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • learn about values and their relationship with well-being
  • discover the third element of the sailboat metaphor: the steering wheel. The steering wheel represents the individual’s values
  • understand how clients can discover what they value and find meaningful
  • learn to identify thoughts that promote and reduce value-congruent behaviour
  • learn to assess the underlying motivation of the individual’s values (intrinsic versus extrinsic values)
  • learn to assess and improve value-congruent action

“During this masterclass, you will learn and get to practice the essential skills that positive psychology practitioners need to effectively help other people find more meaning, fulfilment, and purpose in daily life.”


With over 15 years of experience in teaching psychology to thousands of people, professor, researcher and coach Dr. Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) will guide you through this Masterclass.

More about Hugo Alberts

Research Dr. Alberts has been exploring the scientific side of Positive Psychology at Maastricht University for the past 10 years. Since 2006 positive psychology has been a major focus of his research. He has conducted research on topics like gratitude, optimism, motivation, and mindfulness. Teaching In addition to conducting research, Dr. Alberts has provided numerous Positive Psychology courses at university, companies, healthcare facilities, schools, and government agencies. His aim is to combine a balanced psychological perspective on well-being with the practical tools to directly apply the insights from Positive Psychology.  Practice In his work with both individual clients and groups, Positive Psychology has always been at the core of Dr. Alberts’ practice. It is this same passion for the practical side of Positive Psychology that motivated him to develop the Positive Psychology Toolkit and the Mindfulness X training.



As Positive Psychology Program’s Customer Success Manager, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this training package. Please know that you can always reach out to me directly at info@positivepsychologyprogram.com or we can plan a Skype call via email in case you find that more convenient (Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm CEST). I love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. On top of that, we guarantee your satisfaction by:

  • Advantage 1: Science — Our products are based on scientific insights. We always refer to sources of original work.
  • Advantage 2: Quality — Our products are designed by professionals, for professionals.
  • Advantage 3: You’re Safe — You can try out this masterclass with instant digital access and still claim a timely refund for 100% of the amount paid within 30 days of the date of purchase if you are not completely satisfied.


Do I need experience in practicing positive psychology to follow this masterclass?

A formal or informal training background in positive psychology is not essential in order to follow this masterclass. We have a broad range of customers that include teachers, psychologists, life coaches, HR specialists, business leaders, and fitness coaches, etc.  Needless to say, the more experience you have in coaching or practising positive psychology, the better the foundation you have to build on during and after this training.

Is this masterclass available online only?

Yes. Upon purchasing this masterclass, you will be taken to the online learning environment where you can start following the masterclass at your own pace.

What is the degree of difficulty of this masterclass?

Intermediate. Because this masterclass introduces a new coaching method, you will develop a new set of skills to navigate the positive psychology landscape and apply what is required for your specific setting. This gives those who are new to the field a head-start and provides experts a new modality to add to their professional arsenal.

Are there any deadlines to complete this masterclass?

There are no specific time frames or deadlines for completing this masterclass. The learning environment and materials can be accessed online in your own time and completed at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office.

Is this masterclass science-based?

Yes. This masterclass and all of its contents are developed by academics with both a scientific and practical background. An extensive science-based handbook is provided including all references and credits to the work of researchers in the field.

I work mostly with children and adolescents. Will this masterclass be useful for me?

This coaching method addressed human functioning at its most fundamental level. Therefore, this method is not restricted to working with any age group or target population. The sailboat metaphor is currently being used with juvenile delinquents, adults employees, and regular coachees. As a practitioner, you can use the acquired knowledge and tools and adapt them if necessary so that they are suitable for your specific professional situation.

Is there a physical hard copy of this masterclass?

The Meaning & Valued Living Coaching Masterclass© is an online resource only. Upon purchase, you will receive full, lifetime access to the online learning environment including all the materials that you can download and print as you see fit.

Are there any course credits (CE) for completing this course?

No, our sole focus for this masterclass was to design material purely for professional development.

Is this a certification course?

No, our sole focus for this masterclass was to design material purely for professional development.

What currency is the price in?

The price is in US dollars $ (USD).

How long does this masterclass take?

This masterclass contains 8 hours of video content including additional in-depth written material (and instructions). You can choose to follow all of the modules or complete only the ones relevant to your specific professional needs. Depending on how thoroughly you choose to study the content, the material provided in this masterclass will take approximately one week of full-time self-study. 

I work with at-risk people in a clinical setting. Is this product for me?

Yes, but in order to promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use this masterclass, guiding materials, and the coaching method introduced within the boundaries of your professional expertise. For instance, if you are a certified clinician, you are advised to use the training within your field of expertise (clinical psychology). Likewise, a school teacher may use the tools in the classroom but is not advised to use the tools for clinical populations.

Who created this product?

The Meaning and Valued Living Coaching Masterclass© is an initiative of Positive Psychology Program B.V., founded by Hugo Alberts (PhD) and Seph Fontane Pennock and has been created by a team of dedicated team members with both an academic and practical background with the help and expertise of some of the top researchers in the field of positive psychology.

What rights do I have with these materials?

Upon purchase of this product, you will be granted the rights as stipulated on the following page: https://positivepsychologyproducts.com/extended-usage-rights/ In short, you are allowed to use the materials in this masterclass and affix your own name and brand on the part of the materials aimed at the client in the context of your own business, practice or professional services for teaching, coaching, counseling, and therapeutic purposes. When in doubt, please contact us at info@positivepsychologyprogram.com

Is it possible to pay in instalments?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in instalments. The total amount can only be completed by credit card on the checkout page in one go.

I still have some questions, can I get in touch?

Absolutely! Send Jessie an email at info@positivepsychologyprogram.com and she will take care of you 🙂


To promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use this masterclass and its contents within the boundaries of your professional expertise. For instance, if you are a certified clinician, you are advised to use the training within your field of expertise (clinical psychology). Likewise, a school teacher may use the tools in the classroom but is not advised to use the tools for clinical populations.